Qualified services

For sure:
Qualified services and validated processes

Patient safety requires process safety: we fulfil and document all requirements for temperature-controlled logistics. We ensure that the cold chain is never interrupted and that each item is placed in the appropriate temperature field.

We offer qualified services, i.e. vehicles and machines are regularly qualified and logistics processes in the warehouses are validated. All tests are carried out with calibrated equipment and data is fully documented.

Our processes are validated: We have established a risk management system with measures for all conceivable cases.

Our quality management ensures GDP compliance (GDP = Good Distribution Practice) in all areas. This includes:

SOP Conformity (SOP = Standard Operating Procedures).
We ensure that standard operating procedures are strictly adhered to, updated, approved, documented and available to all.

Compliance training
We train all employees involved in our pharmaceutical supply chain processes in the GDP regulations.

Cool Chain Compliance
It is an absolute must in our service offering (transport, storage and distribution).

Deviation management Conformity
We document, manage and communicate all deviations and complaints.

Site conformity
We qualify all storage areas with healthcare products GDP compliant.

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