Over 3,000 square metres with cooling capacities

Schiffweiler. TempTrans, specialist for temperature-controlled transports, has expanded its capacities in warehouse logistics for the pharmaceutical industry. Basically, all manufacturers of products that have to be stored under temperature control benefit from this. TempTrans can store temperature-controlled goods and ambient goods in the range of +2° to +8°C and +15° to +25°C on more than 3,000 square metres. TempTrans thus also acts as a service provider for manufacturers of corona vaccines, as various preliminary products are handled in Schiffweiler.

At the same time, the goods are prepared for camouflage transport at the site and delivered throughout Germany with the company's own transporters. In the parcel sector, the temperature-sensitive goods are packed in special pre-conditioned cool boxes (passive cooling / 5l and 16l internal volume), whose transport route can be tracked via a tracking facility at box level.

TempTrans is a co-founder and shareholder of GDP network solutions GmbH and thus has a high degree of flexibility and performance in its offer to its customers from the pharmaceutical, healthcare, cosmetics and medical technology industries.